GoldPack was founded in the United Kingdom in 2004. We are engaged in manual and machine production of paper boxes and bags, displays and arrangement needs. For products that we manufacture directly in our company, we use English and European materials that are provided with a valid certification and brand. The boxes we produce are completely made of FSC materials, we save nature and thus do not support the felling of forests and rainforests. We stand by the fact that the products we produce use no chemical components that lead to oxidation devastation of jewellery.

Many years of effort, invention and testing are behind our work so that everything is perfect and error-free for our customers. Our team of sales representatives searches for and invents innovations that is passed on to our production find out the best production process. Subsequently, we test and tune everything so the product is in the best possible quality.

We value each of our customers and always rely on an individual approach to each. If you´d like to know more about our production, you will find processed videos that will guide you through the complete production of our paper boxes and arrangement accessories in the link below.