Returns, Refund and Exchange Policy:

In a sale between consumers, the vendor is answerable for any hidden defect during 14 days of the date of delivery but not otherwise. If in that period the buyer discovers that there is a defect that existed at the time of purchase, we are entitled to obtain a proportional refund of money or to undo the sale. This is an expiration time limit, so quick action is to be taken if any defect is discovered within that period. Company will receive written notification and photographic evidence, which is required of such damage within 14 days of the date of delivery but not otherwise.

Products returned that have been willfully or negligently damaged, scratched, neglected, modified or repaired will not be refunded or exchanged. If a product is eligible for a refund but has not been returned in original condition, the refund will be processed, less fair depreciation in order to recoup any losses. This will be decided solely by Gold Pack Packaging Ltd. The value will be decided subject to the extent of any damage found, the cost of any missing parts and market-related factors.

Company will not replace or correct free of charge goods damaged in transit. Damaged goods must be rejected from the forwarder who will take the goods back to the company.

Gold Pack Packaging Ltd is not responsible for any damage or mistakes arising as a result of wrong handling, transport, storage or other conditions caused by a third party.